Industry Analyst Reports


30 MAR 2017
Worldwide Workload Management Software Market Shares, 2015: Year of Simplification and Self-Service
This IDC study discusses 2015 market shares and market activity across the worldwide workload management software market, a submarket of IDC's functional workload scheduling and automation software market.

22 SEP 2016
Software 2020: Rearchitecting for the Digital World
Key disruptive trends in enterprise software are changing the nature of how IT solutions are delivered, who performs tasks and how change is absorbed. To support digital business outcomes, IT leaders need to make fundamental changes to application delivery, architecture and strategy.

24 AUG 2016
Critical Capabilities for IT Service Support Management Tools
IT service support management tools enable infrastructure and operations organizations to support and deliver IT services. To choose the correct tool, I&O leaders should determine which of the popular ITSSM products are best-suited to their I&O maturity levels.

24 AUG 2016
Magic Quadrant for IT Service Support Management Tools
IT service support management tools are vital for infrastructure and operations organizations to manage support and delivery of IT services. This research profiles key vendors of enterprise ITSSM tools to help I&O leaders make better selections. BMC was rated as a leader by Gartner in the Magic Quadrant.

30 MAY 2016
Optimizing Mainframe Performance for Digital Business Workloads
This IDC White Paper examines the impact digital business workloads and transactions are having on mainframe performance and availability. The role of the mainframe in supporting and optimizing digital business applications is discussed, and requirements for mainframe performance optimization to meet digital demands are examined. This paper also discusses how BMC Software's MainView can help business organizations and enterprises achieve and sustain mainframe performance and availability levels needed for digital business workloads.

13 MAY 2016
Market Guide- Capacity Management Tools
Infrastructure and operations leaders expect performance, availability, rapid deployment and predictable investment needs from IT infrastructures. Capacity management tools help I&O teams plan and optimize IT infrastructures and services, and balance the use of external and cloud service providers. Recommendations: •Assign capacity management process ownership clearly, along with process objectives, metrics, defined process outputs and consumers, before investing in capacity management tools. •Choose capacity management tools that provide functionality that segment IT services into: (a) critical services that merit capacity modeling and planning; and (b) those for which historical trending and forecasting are sufficient. •Invest in tools that have strong presentation and reporting capabilities, with different views for IT and the business.

11 MAY 2016
BMC chases new customers with Intelligence analytics service
The 451 Group
With Intelligence, BMC is responding to several important trends in the application- and infrastructureperformance market. It is bringing together business and operations data in an analytics service that can both help IT executives respond to the changing demands on their positions and appeal to line-ofbusiness technologists, a new, albeit uncertain, market for IT analytics tools. Finally, BMC is adopting a more open stance with Intelligence, building the product on open source technologies and embracing data from most any source – moves that may attract customers that might not have considered BMC in the past. While Intelligence has room to grow, BMC has made a good start toward responding to these market demands.

05 APR 2016
BMC Brings Versatility and Ease of Use to Big Data Analytics with TrueSight Intelligence
This impact brief examines BMC’s September, 2015 announcement heralding the vendor’s entrance into the broader arena of what EMA calls ‘advanced IT analytics” (AIA) through a new “digital analytics platform.” It also addresses BMC’s first productization of the new solution, TrueSight Intelligence, in April of 2016. EMA believes these announcements are significant in a number of ways, ranging from deployment advantages to use-case versatility, to a uniquely well thought-out and well-integrated design.

14 MAR 2016
EMA Radar™ for Workload Automation (WLA)
The 2012 EMA Workload Automation Radar Report credited the rising focus on cloud and IT-as-a-Service with raising the importance of workload automation (WLA) and its sister discipline, IT process automation (ITPA). Cloud adoption is certainly greater today than it was in 2012, but it is far from complete adoption across all organizations; only a fraction of businesses utilizing cloud run 100% of their workloads in the cloud. Therefore, cloud is still a significant trend that impacts workload automation and enterprise IT, but it is no longer seen as the radical new technology. Cloud matured and cloud orchestration is beginning to standardize around a few products. In addition, IT-as-a-Service has been largely adopted into the thinking of IT departments, even if it is not as fully-adopted as was first envisioned. Several new trends now produce more disruptive influences on workload automation today.

22 FEB 2016
Vendor Selection Matrix –Capacity Management SaaS And Software: The Top 15 Vendors Scope: Global 2016
Research in Action
In this report the analyst firm reviewed a selection of 15 capacity management SaaS and Software vendors using strategy and execution criteria to evaluate how their solutions address current market views, market trends and the future market potential. BMC was declared the winner and leader in capacity management, capturing the highest score in execution and the second-highest score in strategy.

28 JUL 2015
Get Your App: BMC Adds Application Integrator to Control-M
Enterprise Management Associates
On June 2, 2015, BMC announced Control-M Application Integrator, a new design tool to simplify and speed up application integration with Control-M (WLA). As part of this announcement, BMC also launched a new community website called Application Hub for customers and partners to find, share, and submit their own application integration templates or “job types”. The goal of both Application Hub and the Control-M Application Integrator is to enable customers to more rapidly extend the benefits of WLA to all their application workflows. Application Integrator will be made available to all Control-M customers as a standard component included in the base Control-M solution.