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Control-M JCL Verify

Control-M JCL Verify

Optimize mainframe batch processing with accurate JCL

Ensure syntactically correct, error-free JCL for your mainframe batch processing with Control-M JCL Verify 8.

  • Integrate JCL verification capabilities with Control-M.
  • Reduce redundant job processing and recovery costs associated with restarts due to JCL problems.
  • Solve production problems faster through increased automation.
  • Meet increasingly demanding service delivery requirements.

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Automated JCL verification optimizes mainframe batch processing

Automatic verification

Check that all standard IBM® z/OS® JCL syntax (including all symbolic substitutions), procedures (PROCs), programs, and JES2 and JES3 control statements are correct.

Verified security

Certify access rights to datasets.

Rule-based site standards

Define site-specific standards and policies with user-defined rules.

Change management integration

Work in CA-Endeavor Software Change Manager to help ensure the master copy of your production JCL is valid.

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Take a closer look

  • Determine if inline and referenced PROCs are expanded
  • Locate load modules with z/OS search criteria
  • Scan JCL when checked in or out of library management system

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