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BMC digital IT powers 82% of Fortune 500 companies

Do more with your mainframe while reducing costs

Delivering fast, reliable digital services is complicated: business demands innovation, rising costs eat into your IT budget and constrain innovation. BMC solutions help you optimize your mainframe, whatever your challenges – from supporting new digital channels to driving down costs, so your mainframe will cost less while doing more. To make sure your mainframes provide the critical services people rely on daily, our highly efficient management solutions give you increased responsiveness, higher availability, reduced risk, and automated problem resolution, all while lowering IT costs.

Video: Mainframe solutions for the digital era

Gain a competitive advantage with BMC’s innovative mainframe solutions. (2:12)

Re-imagine your mainframe management to deliver digital business success

Digital engagement strategies are redefining key business relationships across every industry, driving enormous changes in mainframe information technology (IT). While smartphones, tablets, and wearables claim the spotlight for digital engagement, behind the scenes, IBM® mainframes are fundamental to the delivery of mission-critical services for most digital enterprises.

The rush to digital engagement imposes tough new requirements on mainframe IT teams, with much higher expectations for systems performance and availability. IT will have to adapt their data management, infrastructure management, and cost optimization to thrive and prosper. Managing these activities with old approaches is courting digital disaster. BMC is delivering innovative mainframe solutions for managing data, infrastructure, and costs that will underwrite your digital success.

Find the right mainframe management solution for your business

Data Management

Data Management for DB2® on z/OS®

BMC Data Management for DB2 on z/OS solutions enable “zero outage” availability, support new unstructured data, and reduce DB2 operating costs by redefining the way you perform DB2 database management.

Data Management for IMS™

BMC solutions for IBM Information Management System (IMS) are easy-to-use database and transaction management solutions that reduce your mainframe costs and prevent outages.

Cost Optimization

Mainframe MLC Cost Management

BMC Mainframe MLC Cost Management, a comprehensive Monthly License Charge (MLC) cost reduction suite, significantly lowers mainframe MLC costs by up to 20% or more, enabling you to redirect IT budget to new digital enterprise initiatives.

Infrastructure Management

Mainframe System Management with MainView

MainView delivers the high availability and performance your business services demand by learning, adapting, automating and responding to the volatility and increased velocity of critical application activity.

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